Welcome to Project Lifestyling! We are Mité Campos and Manu Maia, and we have a passion for people, travel, all things lifestyle (and good food of course).


We met almost a decade ago in 2010 in Portugal, and from a great friendship we developed a partnership that took us to explore new cultures and share ideas.


For us, Lifestyle is more than a trend. That is why we have been, for many years, helping people reinvent themselves. Whether it is by upgrading diet, physical wellbeing, mental focus, emotional proficiency or improve human relationships. 


We understand that all the elements that make a good lifestyle should work synergically. The body can improve the mind while the mind improves the body. It is the same with our emotions, diet, social interactions, etc. 


We embraced this adventure because, for us teaching is the best way of learning and we are always keen to share our experiences and learn from you. 


In 2012 each one of us embarked on a new adventure. Although we hadn’t planned it, we both went to the same city - Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the same time – one hell of a coincidence!


Mité started a ground-breaking study about the relationship between diet and cancer, in the most important cancer centre in Latin America. Manu went  to learn with Prof. DeRose, a leading expert in high-performance and quality of life, and one of our biggest influences.


We carried on honing our expertise, Manu in meditation and high-performance and Mité as an expert in nutrition and emotional intelligence.


When we concluded our specialisation studies we left the tropical air of Brazil and travelled around Europe to pick our next adventure.



In 2016, we chose London as our home. The bustling streets and the myriad of cultures and languages made us fall completely in love with the city.


In London, everything has a global tint, and we feel like we are living in a sample of the world. This was the perfect backdrop for our venture, thus Project Lifestyling was born.


After years of working one-to-one or with small groups, we decided to take the next step to reach more people. We wondered how could we create a community of 'lifestylers,' a place where people could share ideas and experiences.


We chose the best method we found, the DeRose Method, and Project Lifestyling was born. This way we could combine our specialities: Manu's experience in high performance and meditation combined with Mité's expertise in performance nutrition and emotional proficiency – all integrated into one platform. 


By Manu


- Mité is an amazing cook

- Has the most recognisable laughter in the world

- She could be a tester for electronics as she can malfunction any gadget


By Mité


- Manu grew up in three continents

- Studied visual arts and design

- He cooks an amazing (V) Francesinha (Popular dish from Porto) and loves Indian food

- You will always see him with a book or headphones playing his favourite audiobooks